Fresh Tracks Leadership Expeditions

There are a lot of ways to think about health. Sometimes it’s about care and cures. And sometimes, as we discovered this year, it’s simply about giving young leaders a chance to reimagine their own potential.

We saw this firsthand when we partnered with Fresh Tracks Leadership Expeditions, a new program that took two cohorts of young adults from Los Angeles and Alaska on a two-week journey from southern California to the Arctic Circle. The mission was inspiring: empower emerging leaders with the skills, knowledge, and global awareness to create healthy communities for future generations.

For Spitball, Fresh Tracks presented an exciting challenge: build a brand identity - complete with name, logo, and narrative - for a program that brought together a unique coalition of stakeholders confronting a range of issues from climate change to opportunity gaps for urban youth. And we had do it fast. Fresh Tracks, barely a twinkle in the eye in January, began fundraising that month, recruiting in April, and was formally launched at event in Compton, California in early May.

First, we sat down with the project’s leaders to develop a two-page vision statement, which drove early fundraising and helped build consensus around a name. Next we worked with KAST Design Company to build a brand foundation answering the call for a logo that would resonate with an eclectic array of corporate partners, the White House, and - most importantly - the youth participants. Of course, it had to look on a hat. 

With the brand identity established, we were ready to develop a narrative around a simple, but compelling idea: the future of America’s public lands depends on a culturally diverse generation of rising leaders, who in turn, will gain confidence, compassion, and global perspective through outdoor experiences. Spitball was there every step of the way as the Fresh Tracks story unfolded, drafting copy for print materials, web, and social media and developing interview questions for the documentary video, which we edited with the filmmaker in time for a viewing by President Obama.