School Visits

Topics and Activities


I offer interactive classroom presentations focused on three topics:

  • Story ideas. The key is to find the drama – big and small – in their own lives. We’ll practice that together in a group activity and explore how character, plot, place, and conflict go together.
  • How a book becomes a book. Students will take on roles as authors, agents, editors, booksellers, and customers as we act out the publishing process.
  • Point of view. We’ll leave the classroom to act out a scene from Toby Wheeler: Eight-grade Benchwarmer. Then students will have an opportunity to reflect on the action from a character’s point of view (e.g. player, coach, parent, opponent) and compare how each person experienced the scene. 

Audience Reviews: 

"I loved how you called on a lot of people and you were not the only one talking. You said a lot of detailed things that make writing easy and fun. Thanks for coming to our school."- Celia, 4th-grade


"To be honest, I'd never heard of you before. But after your presentation, I want to read your books and learn more about you." - Tony, 4th-grade


"Thank you for visiting our school. I have always loved to write stories. You have really gotten me excited to go out into the world and write about things that happen to me. You showed me anything is possible." - Audrey, 4th-grade


Details, Details

  • I am based in the Seattle area, but willing to travel. 
  • Half-day and full-day rates available 
  • Books and classroom visits best for grades 3-5 

If you are interested in scheduling a classroom visit, please contact me.