Spitball has collaborated with clients and other creative agencies on a wide variety of marketing tools. These three pieces feature some of our strongest copywriting and creative direction.  


Marketing Postcard for Sixkiller Consulting LLC

Challenge: Sixiller Consulting, a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm, needed a marketing card that created a seamless connection between its core services and a new line of business for clients hoping to make a positive social impact.

Solution: Spitball wrote copy and selected companion imagery to convey the spirit of humanity and possibility fueling the new services. Straightforward text in the card’s interior grounded the emerging work in the firm’s track record of success.

Download here.

Fundraising Brochure for Nonprofit Environmental Educational Center

Challenge: IslandWood needed a simple tool to help prospective donors quickly understand how financial contributions would enable the growing organization to make a deep national impact.

Solution: Leveraging a creative foundation developed by Seattle agency Copacino + Fujikado, Spitball wrote copy, selected the visual content, and worked with design firm Rhombus Inc. to lay out a story that spoke to the heart and head in clear, compelling terms.

Download here.

Community Report

Challenge: IslandWood was eager to help thousands of donors and partners feel the impact of their support on a broad range of audiences, including youth participants, graduate students, military families, and educators. Heavy blocks of text accompanied by black-and-white charts and graphs would not be enough to capture the energy released through outdoor engagement. 

Solution: We collaborated with IslandWood's CEO on a message of gratitude, wrote short, engaging copy blocks, and tapped into the organization's photo library for photos and images - like children's art - that mimicked the vibrancy and diversity of nature itself.  

Download here.