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Spitball writes and edits blogs, letters, and articles for colleges and universities, medical centers, research institutions, and other clients.  Here are two recent selections focused on Type 1 Diabetes. You can find more writing samples here

Dear Media: The Way You Talk About Type 1 Diabetes is a Problem


Neglecting to define and differentiate the two common types of diabetes is equivalent to writing about breast cancer and lung cancer without recognizing that the two cancers have different causes, complications, and treatments. More to the point, confusion about Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes can have serious, real-world consequences.

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Diabetes for Life. But King for a Day

It was a beautiful summer evening. Raucous crowd. Grudge match against the Portland Timbers. Cascadia Cup on the line. National television cameras.  Men and women in military uniform carrying the flag. Flames bursting skyward. All a prelude to a moment I’ll never forget: Peter marching out of the tunnel, clutching the hand of Sounders goalie Stefan Frei, and smiling like a kid only does when he knows he’s king for the day.

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